• Charlie Whitfield

The Playing Field, The Court, and The Women

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

From simply playing catch and throw, a quick game of chase, swimming in deep or shallow waters, these activities have elevated into an entirely different practice and that is sports. Sports is a great way to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, gaining you not only the strength but also a well-maintained system. Popular sports that lie out there like basketball and football are more known to be accustomed to men. It could be due to the different build that men have that they are more associated with sports. However, as I have observed, is this not limiting to the presence of women in sports?

Women, although being stereotypically built differently than men, are also highly capable of participating in sports no matter how heavy, or difficult. I just find it odd how, at some point in time, they were shun and thought of in a conflicting way when it is them who trek the playing field, or the court.

One should know that sports does not have a strict set of requirements other than strength, pain, a set of emotions, and the likes. I would like to believe that in no way have these requirements implied a certain gender. Strength is applicable to both men and women, so is pain, emotions, and so on. The discriminating nature is something that should be done away with when talking about women in sports.

Statistically speaking, numbers show that 40% of women are involved in sports in America alone. The problem here is, not all of media gives them the same coverage or attention as they do to men. Men are also given more sports related scholarship grants. I mean, women definitely deserve just the same amount of attention.

Back then, it has been said that people did not find women’s sports interesting enough. Thankfully, over time, this perception is slowly disintegrating, allowing a more inclusive environment for women in sports. Though, today, I think it is still not up to par, the attention they are being given. This is from funding, to support, and all the other necessities in sports.

Despite the backlash with women in sports, several women have still risen to the plate to do away with this and show that women are indeed capable of the same recognition and power men have in sports. A few iconic names I can enumerate are Ronda Rousey, Serena Williams, and Danica Patrick.

Ronda Rousey is one of the best of the best when it comes to combat sports, winning several championship titles. Serena Williams has not only smashed tennis balls on the court, but has also smashed the papers and media coverage with the success she has attained. Danica Patrick has driven both her racecars for NASCAR and our minds crazy with her extraordinary skills.

Sports should not limit its privileges to men alone. I firmly believe that women are just as capable. As human beings, we all breathe the same air and have all been blessed with a functioning system. Therefore, this does not give sufficient reason to discriminate. Let sports be open to all, regardless of gender. May it continue to be all fun games for both men and women.

by Charlie Whitfield


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