• Charlie Whitfield

The Path and The Non-existence of Limits: Vera Wang on Career Shifts and Dreams

As little girls, we have never stopped to dream about the many things we want to become. Most little girls would dream to become a princess, a superhero, far off ambitious dreams. Later in life, they become more specific, treading on ideas like medicine, humanities, or the sciences, until they reach a single path in life which represents their fate and how will they continue to live their lives as another day follows after another. Though, do dreams stop at a single path? Does that mean we cannot continue to pursue other endeavors.

Most women when reaching a ripe middle age will begin to realize that they have fully achieved what they have been destined to become and will no longer welcome anything new or resurrect former passions in life. For instance, a woman who may be working day in day out in an office may not see herself stepping onstage belting her lungs out, despite this being a dream. What if, in a sense, women at a certain age still hold on to their dreams as a little girl, but are too afraid to pursue this because of this said age to begin with?

No matter what the consequence, be it age or whatever factor, women should not be afraid to take that leap of faith and go for what their heart truly yearns for. The road is set for you, what is left is to simply accelerate.

Vera Wang is a good example for this. Today, Wang is known as one of the biggest names in fashion, more specifically bridal gowns. She is of a considerable age, but still leaves people gaping at the beauty and brilliance of her craft.

In her younger years, Wang walked, or rather, skated her way through the ice rink as a figure skater, even competitively. She was recognized for her skill not just on the ice but even on paper because Wang was also a journalist.

These two are far off professions compared to who she is known for today, because she was in the game early at 23 but did not achieve reconition until she was around 50 years old. Did that serve as a hindrance for her? Obviously not.

There are only hindrances to our dreams when we make them hindrances. Clearly, Wang did not allow her earlier years on the ice to overshadow her dreams of gaining a name in the fashion industry. She strived, and strived hard, and it was all worth it.

Even when we are not in the same position as Wang, wr should not be afraid to chase after our dreams no matter what path that may be. We can still rekindle or even have that same little girl dreamer spirit, it is just a decision of taking the risk or not. We may be a girl in the office today, but a superstar somewhere else tomorrow. How we approach these doors in life and how we keep opening doors despite these "hindrances" that develop a dream achieving woman just like Wang.


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