• Charlie Whitfield

Sheryl Sandberg and Her Way to the Top

Facebook is one of the biggest industries hitting the net today. It has garnered practically a billion users since its initial release, I myself included in that large number. Brilliant names have been mentioned who were behind the development of the massive social media platform, but in this article, I will mention the name of Sheryl Sandberg.

Today, Sandberg stands as the COO of Facebook. Ever since she was young, she had success in her mind, with her being an excellent student with considerable marks in school up until she graduated. At the same time, she lived a healthy lifestyle, serving as an aerobics instructor, which also funded the classes she had to take at Harvard.

Technology was not something she set her eyes on, but stumbled upon it anyway when she earned herself a position as a research assistant for Larry Summers. Later on, after her studies, she then became chief of staff of Summers’ U.S. Treasury Department.

Sandberg later on shifted her career towards Google, where she was the vice president of global online sales. Truly her skills in the field did not go unnoticed. From there on, it was evident that she had gained a reputation for her works in relation to tech. Then, in 2008, she became part of the Facebook team and was appointed COO, or Chief Operating Officer.

What is more remarkable about Sandberg’s success is that Facebook is a company that is predominantly male. When Sandberg joined the Board of Directors, that made her the first woman to join the board. It did not take long for her to succeed financially as well.

Facebook’s initial public offering in 2012 was what led Sandberg to billionaire status, wherein she gained some equity stake from the company for her work ethic. Sure enough, however, she has not used her position lightly.

Sandberg uses her platform to serve as a voice for women. She believes that women should not be “held back” from speaking up and gaining a name for themselves in the workplace. I mean, Sandberg herself, who did not totally have technology in her mind career-wise, still managed to woo people with the sheer confidence and talent that she bore with her. She believes that women have just enough in them to speak up as equals amongst men at things like PTA meetings.

I am an avid user of Facebook. Admittedly, it is almost a huge part of me. I go online each day to check for updates, while some days I just find myself mindlessly scrolling past my News Feed to see what else is new.

I am quite impressed with the success that Facebook currently holds, and I am pleased to know that women like Sheryl Sandberg have been given equal opportunities to run the company, at least in one aspect of the bigger picture. Sandberg herself is one of the many women who have excelled in technology, a platform that most women are not associated with. Do dare to be like Sandberg and rule the workforce, be it tech or not.

By Charlie Whitfield


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