• Charlie Whitfield

Maven and Katherine Ryder: Taking Healthcare and Women To The Next Level

Healthcare has grown considerably since it was founded in time immemorial. Breaking down the gender that it had gone through, statistics would show that a lot of women are currently involved in a large portion of healthcare. On the flip-side, statistics would also show that a very small number of women are executives in healthcare. One of these women in healthcare is Katherine Ryder. Ryder, though, with her background in healthcare and knowledge of women, had aimed to create a platform for women to access healthcare digitally.

Ryder may be part of a small portion of women executives in healthcare, but that is not stopping her from launching her application called Maven. Maven is said to be a digital clinic designed mainly for women. It is through here that women can access their healthcare related needs from the comforts of their own home. They can set appointments through video, like a Skype call, or even have them scheduled for meet ups in person if that is what they desire.

The inspiration hit Ryder in 2014, where she observed friends and acquaintances growing to become mothers yet having no access to the healthcare needed to assist in their need with regards to fertility or pregnancy, or why was there no way for them to be properly educated or informed about things like birth control. Ryder was bothered by the inconvenience not just by pregnant mothers but even infections that could affect your potentiality to become a mother. Ryder was frustrated when women had to struggle unnecessarily when in fact they could have avoided this if they were simply offered or given easy access to the healthcare required and drastically needed at the time.

With that advocacy in mind, Ryder set foot to gather up a team to create what would soon be Maven. She gathered enough people to create the software itself and a team of medical professionals who would provide for the most common health needs sought out by women. By the numbers it is said that 98% of the people behind Maven are female.

Maven is even targeted towards families who are still learning about pregnancy and fertility. A lot of these families get access whenever they want because Ryder understands the need for it.

Ryder had admitted to struggling when it came to getting investors to invest in the company. Men were also not easily swayed by the idea. Despite the hardship, Ryder worked hard enough to garner a considerable profit to launch her company. She was spearheaded by optimism and determination to launch Maven.

I would like to continue to see the future and success of Maven. This is a company not like the rest. It is something that calls for not just convenience but for the need of women and families everywhere. Ryder shows that sometimes a simple form of observation can bring upon the wildest yet most brilliant ideas to date. I can only tell how big Maven is going to get in the years to come.

By Charlie Whitfield


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