• Charlie Whitfield

How Susan Boyle Reached Her Dreams Later in Life

Susan Boyle is more commonly known today as the woman who shocked judges upon auditioning at Britain’s Got Talent with the Broadway classic, “I Dreamed A Dream.” Boyle is a household name that people would know for her look and her booming voice. Touring, gaining worldwide recognition, Boyle is living the life that every musician and singer dreams of. However, this was not always the case.

Boyle was born with a birth defect that would hinder her from learning the same way other kids did, but did not see this defect as something that would hold her back from becoming the woman she is today. Though, we are still far from that point in the story.

She was bullied as a kid, but found refuge in the beauty of singing. Her early steps into music were when she sang at a local Catholic church, and other pubs around the neighborhood. Later on she was noticed and even offered a chance to sing her very own rendition of “Cry Me A River,” which was received favorably by listeners and critics alike.

At this point Boyle knew for sure that her heart was seeking for music, for a chance to showcase her vocals on a larger scale, and one of the people that pushed her and was her biggest support system in this dream was her mother, Bridget. In fact, if it were not for Bridget, we probably would not have had the chance to witness Boyle’s jaw dropping performance at Britain’s Got Talent to begin with.

Bridget and Susan shared a bond quite like any mother and daughter shared. Following that was Boyle’s grave sadness when her mother passed in 2007, even isolating herself from the world for a few days to cope.

With the support of her vocal coach, and a promise she held on to her mother, Boyle set foot to pursue her audition at Britain’s Got Talent. I am amazed at this woman’s guts and she was not distracted by the judges’ raised eyebrows or the audiences’ side comments about how she appeared on stage.

It was this day that changed her life forever. I had goosebumps watching her perform finely. She thought that auditioning at her age would be rather funny, but people saw past the numbers. They gaped at her performance, and even had the notoriously mean Simon Cowell praising her from his seat. Although finishing the competition in second, this was merely a door to more opportunities.

Boyle is an example of a woman who saw past judgment and hindrances to reach her dreams. From birth alone she was given the memo that she may not be the same as most children or women. She did away with that and only had her eyes on the prize.

Boyle was 47 years old when she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, but that was not something that kept her from becoming a professional singer after the competition. This story of Boyle’s should be an example to most women to not be afraid to go for their goals no matter what age they may be, or whatever hindrance may come across them.

Be it old, young, or in whatever circumstance basically, we must learn to have the heart for our dreams and know that nothing is coming in our way. I was inspired by her story and we should remember to never give up on your dreams even if the heavens fall or the days seem cloudy. I have survived and surpassed all the storms in life and I have persevered. I am sure you will too, just like our featured successful woman, Susan Boyle.

By Charlie Whitfield


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