• Charlie Whitfield

Emma Watson-Exploring Her Advocacy on Women

Hollywood has been blessed with a plentitude of talent and skill, and some use their stardom as a platform to make their advocacies known and heard. I strongly believe that she is a perfect example of motivational figure in show business.

From hallows of Hogwarts, comes a young Hollywood star popularly known for being the brains of the Harry Potter trio, Hermione. This woman is Emma Watson, who despite rising to fame for the Harry Potter franchise, is also known for her firm advocacy and views on women empowerment, even delivering several talks on the topic itself. In one interview, Watson introduced her #HeForShe campaign. This campaign does not merely emphasize that men and women are on the same level, but rather speaks on a deeper definition of this. Men and women, despite being different, should also be in terms with each other equally, appreciating qualities and characteristics that can be found in both. For me, equality is best when it comes to gender issues.

Watson goes on further to explain that women should be able to do what they want and get the respect for this. However, this can easily be a misinterpreted statement. Yes, the call to do whatever is stated, but not whatever in terms of not caring or being considerate about what other people feel or their rights. With the fame and platform Watson has, she is willing to do whatever it takes to promote and make her advocacy known. She has stated several times that the call to action was not a question of when but always a constant answer of now, and that beating around the bush on determining who would start the movement was an unnecessary move, so she chose to make it easier for everyone and became the catalyst for change.

The works of this Hogwarts alumna does not end here. The campaign was just one thing. Watson has also actively encouraged that girls be given the same academic opportunities as boys in remote communities. Historically speaking, education was a big issue because the patriarchal society had granted men the sole right and grant to education. Internationally, and in several groups, Watson has been named and grown to the image of being a feminist. Her views are on point, not missing a single beat. She has constructed her arguments that indeed firmly support what she believes in. This really impressed me and I thought I should share this to you all thriving women out there.

Some can say that this active advocacy of Watson can be rooted from when she was younger. As a child, Watson would share that her friends would often call her bossy. Apparently, Watson must have been made for the role of Hermione as their personalities and histories do not fall too far apart. Not all of us can be a Hollywood star, but we can all become a catalyst for change. Watson is just one example of a person with a strong advocacy, but let it be known that it does not take the spotlight to do so. Even in your own homes, you can be just as amazing as Emma Watson. Be brave, be confident, and be the change no matter how small. Remember, all it takes is one leap to make it big in your life goals.


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