• Charlie Whitfield

Broadcast Yourself: Susan Wojcicki and Her YouTube Success

I always find myself mindlessly browsing through the vast selection of videos on the internet, more popularly collected in one website we all know today as YouTube. You can spend hours on YouTube watching your favorite videos, waiting for new releases, and even looking through videos from years back. Some people have even begun to make a living out of the video content platform. We all know YouTube for what it is, but do we all know the story of their CEO, Susan Wojcicki?

Wojcicki probably did not see the YouTube path come her way. In fact, she was pregnant in the process of the discovery of the website, and was even pushed by her family to pursue something more enclosed within the academe rather than delve into the field of business or techonlogy. The humble beginnings of YouTube was built in a garage of a home she and her husband owned. The garage was rented out by two Ph. D. students who wanted to do extensive research on the fast growing internet.

At the time, Wojcicki had a lot of time on her hands since she was on pregnancy leave from Google. Though, this leave was not seen quite positively since she had to constantly extend her leave. It was a risky move considering the criticism and feedback she was receiving, but she saw past this and decided to join the two students who were working in her garage.

Earlier on, Wojcicki functioned as the team in her garage’s marketing manager. The company known as YouTube started to grow rapidly, and eventually teamed up with Google in its later years. Finally, in 2014, Wojcicki was given the position as CEO of YouTube. This feat is something to be in awe of because there are not many women who hold a position such as CEO in tech related businesses.

With Wojcicki as the CEO, she introduced many different features to YouTube, and even YouTube Red or Premium which was an ad-free version of the website.

Wojcicki also commented on how the business is patriarchal, giving opportunities only to men. She counters this on her points on how women should be given equal opportunities to not just work but even rise to the top by saying, “They escape a cycle of men, who mostly hire men. And study after study has shown that greater diversity leads to better outcomes, more innovative solutions, less groupthink, better stock performance, and G.D.P. growth.”

I think that what Wojcicki did was something that most women should take note of. She first went against her parents’ push towards the academe, ignored the comments against her when she prolonged her pregnancy leave, and took the leap to push through with the business growing in her garage that now stands as one of the most progressive tech related businesses in the world.

Take the same leap Wojcicki took. Do not be swayed by what society dictates, and be brave enough to make a name for yourself and go for gold.

By: Charlie Whitfield


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