• Charlie Whitfield

A Glossy Future Under Emily Weiss and Glossier

In a time long ago, when women discovered that putting these things on your face could make you an ounce more beautiful, the makeup craze begin. From palette to palette, from shade to shade, from a flick of a brush to another, makeup has become one of women’s best friends next to jewelry and the likes. Makeup may be a thing that women love and adore, but not exactly something women know to the core. Most women may not know what brands quite suit them best, or what brands are good for what. A lot of that is given attention to now, but at the time of Emily Weiss, she only had her blog and her vision of a way for women to be more equipped with the information regarding makeup.

Technology has blessed us with the privilege and ease of access, but not a lot of this ease was bestowed upon the makeup world. Weiss was a graduate from NYU who had a knack for makeup and experience at Teen Vogue to help her out with her path towards Glossier. Glossier was not always the digital marketing cosmetic powerhouse it is known to be today, it started out in Weiss’ blog called “Into The Gloss.” It was through this blog that Weiss educated women with regards to makeup by interviewing notable personalities and women in the makeup industry and posting whatever they said online.

The website then got considerable attention as time went by.

Some people would argue that magazines already give women enough to know about makeup but Weiss would strongly disagree to this. It was not as accessible or welcoming as Weiss had envisioned to begin with. After her blog was given more and more attention, it had earned enough to finally become the digital marketplace it is today for products while at the same time serving up the needed information that women were seeking for with regards to makeup.

Weiss did not allow the success of Glossier to leave out the connection she wanted to build with her consumers. She found a way to connect with these said consumers and keep her business as grounded as possible.

Glossier also tries to keep in touch with younger women and millennials everywhere. She also makes it a habit to pay close attention to feedback and see how she can improve in her business with regards to this. Glossier now stretches out not just on its website but even on social media as well to get a better connection with its consumers.

I think makeup is almost a staple for women everywhere. It is one of the things you could probably put on a flag or symbol that would represent women. Weiss is one of those young entrepreneurs emerging in the business and technology business devoted to women. She may not have the proper technological knowledge to fully run her business, but she had a team and a goal to help her towards her path to success.

By Charlie Whitfield


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